Warriors of Ultramar – Graham McNeill

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Title:Warriors of Ultramar
: Graham McNeill
Published by: Black Library
Publication date:March 2003
Genre: Science-Fiction/War
Source:Personal Collection

Buy the Book: Amazon

Buy the Book: Black Library

This book was recommended to me by Battle Dave on Twitter due to my interest in the Mortifactors successor chapter, but no review of anything is completely unbiased, so I’ll write my thoughts regardless.

Warriors of Ultramar depicts a full-scale invasion of Tyranid forces against the Tarsis system. Graphically showing how entire planets fail to protect themselves against such an terrifyingly, overwhelming force. The crux of the story happens on Tarsis Ultra, where the Ultramarines join forces with their successor-chapter; the utterly creepy Mortifactors along with Planetary Defences, the Death Corps of Krieg and regiments from the Imperial Guard.

I can hands-down say that this is a great read, normally I really struggle with…

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