Redemption through Sacrifice – Justin Woolley

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Title: Redemption through Sacrifice
: Justin Woolley
Published by: Black Library
Publication date:  22 July 2019
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 43
Format: ePub
Source: Purchased from Black Library

Buy the book – Amazon

Buy the book – Black Library

I believe, that this is Justin Woolleys debut Warhammer 40k publication by Black Library. The main character of the story Marcus van Veenan, an ex-sergeant turned penal legionnaire, has to contend with some of the usual suspects of the 40k universe; cultists, rogue-psykers and the Inquisition. Forced among the ‘Meat Dogs’ the Second Rapture Penal Legion, Marcus is tasked with becoming a part of some defense forces against a rather large cultist force and given the chance to sacrifice himself to redeem himself in the Emperors eyes.

Although only a short story, a lot happens in this book and it has some truly brilliant moments in it…

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